Merida, one of Mexico's leading cultural centers, is the perfect place to discover the Mayan country. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the cafe terraces or explore the many Mayan cultural sites, Casa del Naranjo will welcome you and make your stay an unforgettable vacation.

If you want to come to Merida, you probably did a bit of homework... However, we want to make sure you know about the various activities you can enjoy in the area and also get access to useful links before and during your trip. You will find several links and resources below, anything from suggestions to emergency phone numbers. We will be happy to provide you with more help and assitance with your trip preparation or activities.

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Useful links
We listed some Merida shortcuts (these links will take you to the Merida wikipedia site):
History    -     Culture    -     Transportation     -    Places of interests

There is one website that you can not avoid if you plan to spend some time in Merida: , this is a great site that lists events, things to do, places to go to, etc...

If you want to see Photos of the Yucatan peninsula and Merida, please visit the following travel site which also offers many useful reviews of the area: Trip Advisor

OK, you ABSOLUTELY need to try these during your stay, these will probably become familiar dishes after a week...: Cochinita Pibil, Poc Chuc, Chile Relleno, Salbutes and Panuchos, and my all time favorite: Pavo en Relleno Negro  (Or: "Chilmole"). The great thing about Merida and its surroundings is that you can still get authentic food for a good price. We also recommend the Haciendas nearby for a great meal.
All you need to know about Cocina Yucateca !

A few recommendations: While you stay at Casa del Naranjo we recommend several activities...
- Hacienda hopping
- Mayan route ("Ruta Maya) to visit the many Mayan cultural sites (2 to 4 hours drive from Merida): The hilly region south of Merida has more archeological sites per square mile than any other place in the hemisphere!
- Chitchen Itza (2 to 3 hours drive from Merida)
- Mercado Santa Ana, located a block away from the house, the market is a unique experience.
- Paseo Montejo (Fransico de Montejo founded Merida in 1542), in the 19th century, wealthy plantation owners sought to outdo each other with grandiose villas and estates. "Noche Mexicana" on Saturdays, free outdoor music, dance, handicrafts at the foot of Paseo Montejo (2 blocks from Casa del Naranjo).
- Nightlife in downtown Merida (5 - 6 blocks away)
- Sit back and relax... that is why you came!

We also think you should know the emergency numbers and contacts in Merida:
-General Emergency - 066 for a land line or 113 for a cellular phone
-Red Cross (Cruz Roja) Ambulance - 924-9813
-Merida Police Dept. - 942-0060
-Merida Fire Dept.- 924-9242 or 923-2971
-TaxiMetro - 982-7575
-Taxi Santa Ana (24 hours) - 928-5600
-Green Angels Roadside Assistance - 983-1184
-Dentists, please visit this site.

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